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Megger EV Test Kit 1

The Megger EV Test Kit 1 comes complete with a Megger MFT1741+ Multifunction Electrical Installation Tester and a Megger EVCA210-UK Electrical Vehicle Charger Adaptor. This MFT is the upgraded version of the 1741 model and an ideal all-in-one solution fully capable of automatically testing 6mA DC RCDs alongside testing electric vehicle charging stations (EVSE), all in compliance with the IET 18th edition. The EVCA210-UK Adaptor is a compact instrument with a wide array of functions for thoroughly testing Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle charge points be they single or three phase EV charging stations.

Megger MFT1741+ Multifunction Tester Features

The Megger MFT1741+ provides an array of professional quality testing tools including advanced loop testing technology for extremely accurate anti-trip loop test measurements. It provides continuously stable measurements by both detecting and compensating for interference typically caused by electrical noise and harmonics. This reliability is reinforced by the included 'Confidence Meter' which not only proves the loop test results but lessens the need for repeat tests. With a backlit LCD screen available in both analogue and digital formats, the MFT1741+ overcomes the predictable problem of experiencing high loop impedance readings when conducting a test in a circuit protected by a RCD. Built in technology automatically removes the effects caused by the usual resistance of the coil within the RCD.

Featuring two colour-coded rotary dials, an internal memory and Bluetooth connectivity, the IP54 rated Megger MFT1741+ can perform a full range of tests for new and existing electrical installations. For 'dead testing', continuity can be measured, insulation resistance tested and earth resistance measured including stakeless and ART methods of testing. Alternatively, for 'live testing' the MFT is capable of line to line, 2 and 3 wire tests in addition to testing AC, A, S, B type DC current/high frequency RCDs and measuring phase sequence for three phase systems.

Megger EVCA210-UK Electric Vehicle Charge Point Adaptor Features

The Megger EVCA210-UK Electric Vehicle Charge Point Adaptor is built to simulate the connection between an electrical vehicle and a charging point currently under test. Supplied with both Type 1 plugs for charging points with fixed cables & vehicle connectors and Type 2 plugs for fixed cables with vehicle connectors or charging points featuring panel mounted socket outlets. The adaptor, with its intuitive tactile interface can determine if dangerous voltages are present on the PE.

Incorporated into the design of the EVCA210-UK adaptor, front mounted mains sockets and 4mm connection ports (L1, L2, L3, N and PE) are for performing measurements on live conductors whilst the two additional CP signal thermals are so an engineer can measure CP signal via an oscilloscope. This lightweight IP54 rated instrument includes a PE pre-test button feature, a CP Error "E" simulation imitating an error on the control pilot circuit and a PE Error simulation (Earth Fault) representing a disconnect of the PE circuit. In full accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 & IEC/HD 60364-7-722 regulations and Low Voltage Directive LVD 2014/35, the adaptor's rotary dial alternates between Proximity Pilot (PP) State simulation and Control Pilot (CP) state simulation. Both tests ensure correct disconnection of the output of the charge point under examination.

Key Features

  • 6mA DC RCD Test for EV charge point testing
  • Incorporated Confidence Meter
  • On screen evaluation of reading reliability
  • Repeatable, reliable loop tests in noisy conditions
  • Approved loop testing internal hardware negates RCD uplift
  • Continuity test - 15mA, 200mA
  • Insulation resistance test - 100V, 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Both two and three wire loop testing
  • Includes ramp, manual and auto RCD test (A, S, B, 3-phase)
  • True RMS voltage, frequency and phase rotation features
  • Earth testing with 2 + 3 pole tests
  • Casing IP54 rated
  • Testing adaptor for Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle charge points
  • Capable of testing single and three phase EV charging points
  • Single phase system - Input voltage ≤ 250V
  • Three phase system - Input voltage ≤ 430V
  • Input frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Simulates the connection of a charging point to an Electric Vehicle
  • PE pre-test feature
  • Button for CP Error “E” & PE Error (Earth Fault) simulation
  • Rotary dial for PP State or CP state simulation
  • Applicable with a variety of appliances with Type 2 & Type 1 charging plugs included
  • 4mm front mounted connection ports (L1, L2, L3, N and PE)
  • Two 4mm ports for connection to an oscilloscope
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • CAT II 300V rated and IP54 rated
  • In line with directive - LVD 2014/35
  • In accordance with regulations - IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722
  • Compliant with safety standards - EC/EN 61010-1:2010 and IEC/EN 61010-2-030:2010

What's In The Box?

The Megger MFT1741+ Multifunction Tester Comes With:

  • Megger MFT1741+ Multifunction Tester
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Full User Guide (CD)
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Megger SP5 Switched Probe
  • Megger Neck Strap
  • 3-Wire Lead Set with Prods and Clips
  • Mains Plug Test Lead (BS1363)
  • AC Battery Charger
  • Large Soft Pouch

The Megger EVCA210-UK Electric Vehicle Charge Point Adaptor Comes With:

  • Megger EVCA210-UK Electric Vehicle Charge Point Adaptor
  • Type 1 Charging Plug
  • Type 2 Charging Plug
  • 2x Connection Cables
  • EVCA210 Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual

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